The Finalists 2013


Film Country School Director Synopsis
 1. Omra With Friends  Qatar  Qatar University


 Ibrahim Arar  A group of students form a unique bond as they embark on a journey to Mecca and Medina to perform Omra during spring break.
 2. Someone Beiruti  Lebanon  American University of Beirut  Jude Chehab  Middle aged and elderly life-long Beirut residents recall their loves, broken dreams, families and beloved city.
 3. On the Border


 Egypt  High Cinema Institute  Mohamed Elashhab  The human story behind the illegal smuggling of fish on the Egypt Sudan border.
 4. Space the Alleys  Palestine  Dar Al Kalima College  Mohammad Al-Fateh  Three young men from Jerusalem decide to put on a  “parkour” show at Damascus Gate to honor Palestinian prisoners and others under house arrest.
 5. Dreams In Their Eyes  United Arab Emirates


 Zayed University  Abeer Al Marzouqi, Ayesha Al Ameri, Khawla Al Maamari  A week in the life of the refugee camps in Lebanon through the eyes of social workers, doctors, and children receiving medical care from an American charity.
 6. Mono-pause  Lebanon  Notre Dame University  ZoyaAwky  A woman approaching middle age wonders what will happen to her from all perspectives-physically, socially and emotionally.


Film Country School Director Synopsis
 1. Farewell Exile  Morocco  NYU Tisch  Lamia Alami  A woman anxiously waits for immigration papers to join her husband in France while protecting her son from the neighborhood thugs.
 2. Studio Beirut


 Lebanon  IESAV, University of Saint Joseph  MokhtarBeyrouth  A young photographer and owner of “Studio Beirut” is threatened when the mayor installs the city’s first photo booth next door.
 3. A Broken Tear




 Notre Dame University  KrystelHoueiss  The story of a love lost for inexplicable reasons and the tragedy of life waiting for a broken tear to heal.
 4. The Dark Outside


 Jordan  Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts  Darin J.Sallam  A 12-year old girl discovers that there are far worse things than being afraid of the dark.
 5. The Rope  Lebanon  IESAV, University of Saint Joseph  HibaTawaji  The destiny of a grocer whose reason for happiness is now the reason of his despair.
 6. Few Hours


 Egypt  High Cinema Institute  Sandrine Samuel  An old man’s loneliness is interrupted when a thief attempts to break into his apartment. 
 7. A Tempo “The 3rd Act”


 Lebanon  Notre Dame University  Maria AbdlKarim  A young woman leaves her small town to chase her secret dream and enters a surreal musical journey where the only link between her real and imaginary world is love.