ZUMEFF 2018 is over … We had three wonderful nights at the Warehouse421 in Abu Dhabi and a fantastic audience that was very engaged. We had a lot of fruitful discussions and everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and the selected films. The Music Videos by Big Hass, and his intro on the second screening night, as well as Jamil Jabbour’s live performance on the Closing Night and the inspiring talk by John Bucher made ZUMEFF an event to remember.

We are very proud to present this year’s winners:

Best Audio Documentary
Catfishing in the Nile by Ahmed Hosam Refai from the  American University in Cairo, Egypt

Honorable Mention
From A to Bee by Maryam Mustafa from the American University of Sharjah, UAE

Honorable Mention
Changing the World: Bit by Bit by Ahmed Geaissa from the American University of Sharjah, UAE

ZUMEFF Happiness, Positivity and Tolerance Award
Odyssey by Mariam Al Romaithi from HCT Abu Dhabi, UAE

Best Animation
Long Road by Adel Essam from Animsquad, Eygpt/USA

Best Narrative Award
Close your Eyes … well by Ali Albayati from the University of Baghdad, Iraq

Best Documentary Award
Visitation by Noor AbuGhaniah from Dar Al-Kalima, Palestine

Bin Hamoodah Chevrolet Year of Zayed Award
Sheikh Zayed’s 100th birthday by Hooreya Al Muflahi from Zayed University Abu Dhabi, UAE

twofour54 Emerging Filmmaker Award
The Risk by Shaimaa Albuainain Almazrouei from HCT Abu Dhabi, UAE

Best of the Best Award
R.A.N.D.A. by Farouk Al Jammal from IESAV St. Joseph University, Lebanon

Thanks again to all the volunteers and to our sponsors and partners for helping us making this festival happen:

Zayed University, Warehouse421, US Embassy in Abu Dhabi, twofour54, Bin Hamoodah Automobiles, Adobe, Grapheast, Wacom, Mojo Ink, Dubai International Film Festival, Cinema Akil and the UAE National Film Library and Archive.

ZUMEFF through the years

Best of the Best

  • 2018 – “R.A.N.D.A.” by Farouk Al Jammal
  • 2017 – “Ayny” by Ahmad Saleh
  • 2016 – “Unfinished Tales: Fool’s Paradise” by Hussam Ismail
  • 2015 – “With Thy Spirit” by Karim Rahbani
  • 2014  – “Et je vole” by Manon Nammour
  • 2013 – “Studio Beirut” by Moktar Beyrouth
  • 2012 – “The Last Hour” – by Roua Al Azzawi
  • 2011 – “Aziz” by Shaerif Wahba
  • 2010 – “Talk to the Brain” by Naji Bechara

Best Documentary

  • 2018 – “Visitation” by Noor AbuGhaniah
  • 2017 – “Story of Fatat” by Ibrahim Harb
  • 2016 – “The Sheikh of Mussafah” by Waleed Al Madani
  • 2015 – “The Living of the Pigeons” by Baha Abu Shahab
  • 2014 – “Burhan Kashour” by Mohammed Al Fateh
  • 2013 – “Dreams in their Eyes” by Abeer Al Marzouqi, Khawla Al Maamari & Ayesha Al Amri
  • 2012 – “Living on the Nile” by Mohamad Elwassafy
  • 2011 – “Om Al Kheir” by Montamy Sharha, and
  • 2011 – “Sawaleef” by Osama Namrouqa
  • 2010 – “Lady or the Rosary” by Abdullah Shaheen

Best Narrative

  • 2018 – “Close your Eyes … well” by Ali Albayati
  • 2017 – “My Dear Home With Love” by Aisha AlZaabi
  • 2016 – “The Salt Man” by Seyed Sajad Moosavi
  • 2015 – “That Day in September” by Karim Jaafar
  • 2014 – “Memex” by Gaelle Sassine
  • 2013 – “Studio Beirut” by Moktar Beyrouth
  • 2012 – “His Name is a long Story” by Christel Whaiby
  • 2011 – “4 Walls” by Ibrahim Hodroj
  • 2010 – “Bitter Days” by Amjad Al Rasheed

Best Animation

  • 2018 – “Long Road” by Adel Essam
  • 2017 – “Unfinished Tales: The Alchemist” by Hussam Ismail
  • 2016 – “Le voleur de casseroles” by Nicolas Fattouh
  • 2015 – “The Dice Player” by Nissmah Roshdy
  • 2014 – “House” by Ahmad Saleh
  • 2012 – “Our Farm” by Safaa Al Katheeri & Fatema Al Hashemi
  • 2011 – “One upon a feather” by Gaby Melky

Best Audio Documentary

  • 2018 – “Catfishing in the Nile” by Ahmed Hosam Refai

twofour54 Emerging Filmmaker Award

  • 2018 – “The Risk” by Shaimaa Albuainain Almazrouei
  • 2017 – “Finding Myself” by Maryam Khalid Obaid
  • 2016 – “Made of Clay” by Fayssal Bensahli

Happiness, Positivity & Tolerance Award

  • 2018– “Odyssey” by Mariam Al Romaithi
  • 2017 – “Hartom” by Arkus

NYFA/ZUMEFF Aspiring Filmmaker Award (until 2015)

  • 2015 – “The Final Chapter” by Mohammed Luqman & Saleh bin Hallabi
  • 2014 – “Dates” by Fatma Alghanim
  • 2013 – “Need for Speed” by Aisha Al Kaabi
  • 2012 – “The Confined Hope” by Mohammed Swaidan
  • 2011 – “11:00 PM” by Khalid al Abdulla