ZUMEFF winners at the AFF in Germany

ZUMEFF was invited by the Arab Film Festival in Tübingen in Germany, to showcase our best student films.

The Arab Film Festival in Tübingen is the oldest and most important forum for Arab film in the German speaking countries since 2005 and screens new films from and about Arab world. The festival is a bridge between culture, business and academic world. The Arab Film Festival is organized by the Union of Arab Students and Academics at the University of Tübingen.

We were very happy to provide a rare and very much appreciated showcase for young Arabs to exhibit their creativity and express their ideas and cultural heritage.

The following films were shown:

  • Made of clay by Fayssal Bensahli, UAE 2015
  • Le voleur de casseroles by Nicolas Fattouh, Lebanon 2015
  • Unfinished tales: Fool’s paradise by Hussam Ismail, Jordan 2016
  • The salt man by Seyed Sajad Moosavi, Iran 2015
  • The dice player by Nissmah Roshdy, Egypt 2013
  • The living of the pigeons by Baha Abu Shabah, Palestine 2014
  • Praise of wounds by Mohamad Alfateh Abu-Snenih, Palestine 2015
  • Burhan Kashour by Mohamad Alfateh Abu-Snenih, Palestine 2014


ZUMEFF goes to Zanzibar

We are very proud to announce that we will be holding a special ZUMEFF section at the Zanzibar International Film Festival, East Africa’s largest film, music and arts festival.

We are going to showcase a special selection of the following ZUMEFF pearls:

  • The last Hour, Iraq/Jordan (Best of the Best 2012)
  • The Final Chapter, UAE (Best Aspiring Filmmaker 2015)
  • Studio Beirut, Lebanon (Best of the Best 2013)
  • The Dice Player, Egypt (Best Animation 2015)
  • With thy Spirit, Lebanon (Best of the Best 2015)
  • Burhan Kashour, Palestine (Best Documentary 2014)
  • Unfinished Tales: Fool’s Paradise, Jordan (Best of the Best 2016)
  • Et je Vole, Lebanon (Best of the Best 2014)
  • Dreams in their Eyes, UAE (Best Documentary 2013)

In addition to the films we will have a Q&A with Ayesha Al Ameri, the director of “Dreams in their Eyes” and Sascha Ritter, the director of ZUMEFF.

The event will take place on 14 July at 2 pm at the Africa House in Stonetown, Zanzibar.

More information on the Zanzibar International Film Festival can be found here.