Paul Baboudjian
Co-founder and Executive Director of the Arab Film Institute 

Paul started his career as a creative and manager in the media industry and produced short films and documentary projects in various Countries of the Mediterranean area, developing an international experience and reputation.  He actively contributed to the setup of Screen Institute Beirut in his capacity of Executive Director and is strongly committed to promote and develop an Arab screen culture that reflects the views, issues and interests of audiences and communities in the Arab world and to foster international collaboration and networks. Paul is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Arab Film Institute, that aims to preserve, educate, support, and honor Arab film professionals and their work around the globe and inspire the future generations of Arab filmmakers.

Marija Krunic
Executive Director of the International Filmmaking Academy IFA, Bologna/Italy

Marija has worked in various fields of film production prior to joining the International Filmmaking Academy. She was a Production Assistant and Festival Coordinator and also taught at the University of Natural Sciences in Bosnia-Herzegovina as an Assistant Professor. For 10 years she was working with Gian Vittorio Baldi, an Italian film director and producer who won over 100 prestigious awards internationally.
Marija is now the Executive Director of the International Filmmaking Academy in Bologna, founded by Gian Vittorio Baldi and Film School Directors from 20 countries.
The Academy brings together the youthful future of filmmaking with the knowledge of the world’s leading filmmakers and with the mission to develop students poetic and authorial identity.

Abdulla Al-Ogail
Production Executive at Image Nation Abu Dhabi

Abdulla is a graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada in the field of interactive multimedia and design. He has been making movies since he can remember but has assumed it professionally from the year 2009 with his short film “Dangerous Ambition”. His second short film “Bridges” caught the interest of Canada’s largest national broadcaster, signing a three year licensing deal with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). From there, Abdulla’s interest in the film business has taken off. Abdullah has been part of over two dozen short films and several long formats and has always depended on the mentorship of some of the best industry film workers. His passion is to support young filmmakers aspiring towards a creative business understanding through the eyes of a producer.