Finalists Animation

My land has abandoned me

by Nicolas Fattouh
ALBA, Lebanon

A conversation between a boy and the sea about his memories of the land that abandoned him…

Long Road

by Adel Essam
Animsquad, USA/Egypt

A young man is running on a road in a world of roads and every human being has his own road.


by Rand Beiruty
Bauhaus University, Germany/Jordan

Pictures and social media messages are interwoven together with animated segments to highlight a family’s state of being stuck, halfway.

Unfinished Tales: Carnival

by Hussam Ismail
MDX Dubai/SAE Amman, Jordan/UAE/France

In his isolated cemetery, a boorish gravedigger tries to amuse his son in a rather silly way.

Starry Void

by Ethar Sameer Ba’amer
Effat University, KSA

A short film that tells the a story about a girl who is suffering from the many ideas that overwhelmed her.