Finalists 2015

Street Artist

Jordan. Street Artist is a short film depicting an ageing artist who despite his incredible talent, is disillusioned and in need of inspiration.

The Dice Player

Egypt. The Dice Player is an animated poetry film that visualizes parts of the titled poem written by Mahmoud Darwish.

Chasing Memories

Egypt. Just like everyday, the old man is fishing alone in a lake, looking for a rare type of fish that drowns him in a mad pursuit.

I’m Human

Jordan. An experimental animation film about “Ensan” a Syrian who enters through a world of deep emotions carrying the most valuable belongings in a suitcase.


Lebanon. A Lebanese, stuck in a big traffic jam in Beirut, decides to turn his car into a flying vehicle, allowing it to escape from this nightmare.

Praise of Wounds

Palestine. A mother in Jerusalem and her child try to reach their home, “Al-Aqsa Mosque.”


Lebanon.  A story about skateboarding and friendship in Beirut, told through the experiences of local skateboarders.

Living of the Pigeons

Palestine. Living of the Pigeons is a touching documentary that shows everyday life at a checkpoint between the two cities Bethlehem and Jerusalem.


Cyprus. The filmmaker tells his personal story towards defining Freedom.

The Return

UAE. This is the story of two pivotal days in the lives of the unique individuals working together to save the Arabian Oryx from extinction.

Good as New

Qatar. A 26-year-old Syrian mechanic looks at his current life and regrets chasing a fake dream.

With Thy Spirit

Lebanon. Father Geryes, a priest leading a peaceful life within his monastery in Lebanon finds himself involved in a tragic accident.

The last Petal

UAE. This film tells the story of a child that gets disabled after an accident.

That Day in September

Lebanon. It’s the story of an old seamstress who lost her only son in the war after a kidnapping.


UAE. Only by returning to the past can you move towards the future.