Finalists 2014


HOUSE-still3Palestine. A stop motion animation film that discusses themes of oppression, violence, and hatred. Indirectly alludes to different struggles without pointing at them directly.

Canvas on Mixed Media

Canvas-on-Mixed-Media-Still-3Syria. Crows are more humane than we think. There are many logical reasons to explain why this creature is not a bad omen.
Today, even if we believe in the traditional superstition, in the midst of the surrounding destruction, we still beg for hope and salvation from this ominous creature.

Raise your Voice

raise-your-voicePalestine. It tells a story about the corruption in distributing scholarships. Lotfi an outstanding student who has finished high school with an excellent degree fails to obtain a scholarship, because officials distribute scholarships to their relatives.

Burhan Kashour

burhanPalestine. The film represents the story of a young rapper from Jerusalem, who is struggling to quite his career due to depression from the social, economic and political situation of his home town.

Lulu – A Pearl’s Story

luluUAE.  An inquisitive documentary about the pearl trade in modern Abu Dhabi. Interviews vital players in the industry.

Shadow of a Man

shadow-of-a-manEgypt. A documentary that sheds a light on marriages in Egypt where the women take the men’s role and have to work to feed her children. Emotional interviews.

Six Fingers

six-fingersPalestine. This documentary interviews a young mother that has to take care of her special needs child in the middle of war torn Palestine. The child steals the show with his charm.


temsahQatar. A documentary about a Qatari artist and his daily exploits. His personality makes the film.

Wounded Identity

wounded-identityYemen. A documentary that takes a look at the extremely poor in Yemen and acts as a cry for help to the world.

After Greetings

After-GreetingsEgypt. Short film that discusses poverty and overworking in the Egyptian community, funny at times and emotional at others.

Et je Vole

Et-je-voleLebanon. A lovely story about a little girl and her daily exploits. She inspires and entertains while dealing with her ailing mother and stubborn father.

I don’t understand

I don't Understand.Pic2UAE. A Pseudo-documentary that asks questions without answering them. Questions that need to be asked by everyone in the community.


Ishara-Photographs-from-FilmLebanon. One toy connects two children from completely different socio-economic backgrounds as the film exposes the aspects of innocence, rejection and virtue through the lives of Walid and Khaled.


memex1Lebanon. Long Time Ago, Charles the first decided to collect all the books around the world and put it in one place. This new place became the world’s main research center; he called it Memex.


MOHAMMAD-POSTER-2Qatar. Inspired by a true story, this hard-hitting short talks of a child who defied oppression with logic and paid for it dearly.

Shiddi 7eilik

Shiddi-HeilikUAE. A fun mockumentary about a student who takes notice of an odd institution that readies girls for marriage. Very well made and the comedy works.