How to submit your Audio file

There are three options to send us your audio file: Google Drive, Dropbox and Snail Mail.

Google Drive and Dropbox are online platforms where you can share your file with us. Sending us a CD or a USB Flash-Drive is the slowest and most expensive method.

Google Drive (recommended):

Google Drive is a file transferring service that can bypass the limitations of web browsers and file size limitations. It is a fast and free service by Google that will allow you to share up to 5 GB for free. It is basically one hard drive shared between two or more users. If one person makes a change, the change will reflect on the other user’s system. Here are the steps on how to send us your audio:

  1. Sign up for Google Drive here
  2. Install Google Drive Desktop Client
  3. After installing the Desktop Client you can copy and paste (do not move) your audio file to the Google Drive Folder. Let the files sync to your account. Please make sure you copy your files and don’t move them!
  4. Once your audio file synced you can share it with
  5. After you click “Share and Save” the file will show up in our Folder and we can download your audio.
  6. Do not delete the file after they sync! If you delete the file, it will be removed from our folder, too. Once we have downloaded your film, we will delete it which automatically will delete the film in your Google Drive, too.
  7. If you have any issues with the steps above, please notify us at


Dropbox (recommended)

  1. Create your free Dropbox account here
  2. Upload your audio file to your account
  3. Click the blue Share button and share the file with us:
  4. If you have any issues with the steps above, please notify us at


Snail Mail (the slowest and most expensive method)

If you decide to send us your file through Snail Mail, you have to send us either 1 USB Flash-Drive or 2 copies of the audio file on CDs (labeled with your name and the title).

Submissions should be sent via Aramex or another courier service by 15 January 2018 to

Zayed University Middle East Film Festival
Zayed University
P.O. Box 144534
Abu Dhabi


Entries WILL NOT be returned. Zayed University is not responsible for any damage or loss.