ZUMEFF Finalists

We are excited to announce that our 15 finalist have been chosen:


  • The Street Artist by Mahmoud Hindawi
  • The Dice Player by Nissmah Mohammed Roshdy
  • Chasing Memories by Hend Esmat
  • I’m Human by Razan Haikal
  • Massoud by Tania Iskandar


  • Praise of Wounds by Mohammed Al-fateh Abdulkareem Abu-Snenih
  • Glue by Ian Massry
  • The Living of the Pigeons by Baha Abu Shanab
  • Borderless! by Ahmad Albakri
  • The Return by Fatima Al Ghanem & Shaima Al Ameri


  • Good As New by Menna Kamel
  • With Thy Spirit by Karim Rahbani
  • That Day in September by Karim Jaafar
  • The Last Petal by Fakhrah Abdullah
  • Shattered by Alya Al Shamsi

Congratulation to everyone and best of luck in the final round!

You can get more information on our Finalists here.