Great films take great judges and we are delighted with the three judges have committed their time and expertise to selecting the winners from our 12 finalists.  Their decisions to be revealed April 30th!

Saleh Karama is the Manager of the Emirates Film Competition for Abu Dhabi Film Festival. He is a writer/director and one of the founders of

the Abu Dhabi Theatre in 1977, along with renowned directors Ibrahim Jalal, Saqer Rashood and Jawad Al Asadi. He has many works of literature,

Saleh Karama
Saleh Karama

several of which have made it onto the stages of local and Arab theaters.  He has also directed multiple cinematic films, most importantly among them, the film Henna.  Saleh also won many awards in the field of cinema and theater and leans toward experimentation in directing and writing.

Jason Mirch is the Development Manager at Image Nation.  Jason joined Image Nation in 2009 as Creative Executive, heading up the content division for Image Nation’s joint venture with Hyde Park Entertainment. Previously, Mirch worked as the co-head of feature and television development at Storyline Entertainment, whose credits include The Bucket List and the Academy Award winning film, Chicago. There, he is developed a slate of over 50 projects, including Footloose (Paramount). On the television side, Mirch was instrumental in developing pilots for CBS, Fox, and NBC, as well as several movies and mini-series for cable networks.

Lotfi Bencheikh is the co-founder of Aflamnah.  He is an award winning, bilingual, creative producer/director with management experience as director of on-air promotions and many years’ experience in short form promotional production.  His broadcast and creative knowledge is an accumulation of layers of experience acquired through experimenting, testing, observing and sharing knowledge and ideas with great individuals he has had the pleasure to work with, be it in Rome, London or Dubai, be it in an edit suite, sound suite or a set.  He thrives on generating new ideas for launches, campaigns and programming.